Truganina is a rapidly developing suburb situated in the western precinct of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Characterised by its diversity and growth, Truganina is becoming increasingly prominent as a residential and industrial hub. Its postcode, 3029, is shared with other localities, including Tarneit, and is a vital identifier for the area, assisting in mail delivery, navigation, and demographic profiling.

Truganina’s postcode 3029 also plays a crucial role in location-based services and serves as a reference point for local amenities, services, and businesses. The postcode system, managed by Australia Post, is an integral part of the country’s postal service and ensures efficient mail sorting and delivery throughout the region.

Key Takeaways

  • Truganina is an emerging suburb in Melbourne’s western outskirts, epitomised by its diversity and residential expansion.
  • The postcode for Truganina is 3029, which it shares with adjacent localities.
  • Postcode 3029 is essential for mail delivery and location-based services in Truganina, VIC, Australia.

Truganina Overview

Truganina is a suburban area situated within the metropolis of Melbourne, known for its strategic location and community amenities. The suburb boasts an effective blend of residential comfort and access to urban facilities.

Geographic Location

Truganina sits 22.4 kilometres west of Melbourne’s Central Business District, nestled within the Cities of Melton and Wyndham. It has the postcode 3029 and coordinates at latitude -37.825 and longitude 144.749. This locality is positioned in North West Melbourne and serves as a connecting hub, with a number of other suburbs within reach.

Amenities and Transport

Transport options are abundant with Tarneit railway station providing access to Melbourne’s wider train network, and the area being serviced by several bus routes. For interstate and international travel, the Melbourne International Airport is conveniently located within a manageable distance. Local amenities include shopping centres, medical facilities, and educational institutions, ensuring that residents have everything they need within a short commute.

Neighbouring Suburbs

Encircling Truganina are the suburbs of Tarneit, Hoppers Crossing, and Point Cook, each offering their own unique community attributes. These neighbouring suburbs further expand the lifestyle and convenience options available to residents, from additional shopping precincts to recreational amenities.

Recreational Spots

Recreational venues near Truganina cater to diverse interests. Point Gellibrand and Hobsons Bay provide coastal leisure activities while parks such as Treasury Gardens offer serene green spaces. For those interested in nightlife and entertainment, options such as the Westside Hotel and Club Laverton are a short drive away, giving residents and visitors a chance to enjoy the local hospitality.

Postcode Specifics

The postcode for Truganina in Victoria encapsulates the locale’s identity within Australia’s postal system and dominates access to services in the suburb.

Understanding the Postcode

Truganina is located in the state of Victoria (VIC) and its designated postcode is 3029. Postcodes such as 3029 are used to simplify mail sorting and delivery, embodying both the geographic and administrative dimensions of the area. Truganina, being a suburb of Melbourne, falls under the local government area of the City of Melton.

  • State: Victoria (VIC)
  • Suburb: Truganina
  • Postcode: 3029
  • Area Code: 03

The suburb observes Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) which is UTC+10. During daylight saving time, it transitions to Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT), or UTC+11.

Services in Truganina

The 3029 postcode connects Truganina residents with various services, including postal services. The suburb has access to facilities like the local post office, which can be found at the following location:

  • Nearby Post Office: Tarneit LPO, Wyndham Village Shopping Centre, Shop 7a, 380 Sayers Road, Tarneit, 3029.

For residents and businesses requiring postcode data for Truganina, options exist to download this information for both non-commercial and commercial use. The postcode finder service, typically provided by Australia Post, enables individuals to easily check postcodes and search for locations within Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses common queries regarding the postcodes of suburbs in the Melbourne area, ensuring accurate and up-to-date postal information.

What is the postcode for the Truganina suburb?

The postcode assigned to the suburb of Truganina is 3029.

Which Melbourne suburb does the postcode 3029 correspond to?

Postcode 3029 is designated for the suburb of Truganina in Melbourne, Victoria.

How can I find the postal code for Laverton North?

One may refer to the Australia Post’s postcode finder tool or consult the latest postal directory to ascertain the postal code for Laverton North.

Can you tell me the postcode for Point Cook?

The suburb of Point Cook is allocated the postcode 3030.

What postal code is assigned to the suburb of Tarneit?

Tarneit, a suburb located in Melbourne, Victoria, is identified by the postal code 3029.

Is the postcode 3030 associated with Derrimut or a different suburb?

The postcode 3030 corresponds to the suburb of Derrimut, along with several other neighbouring suburbs.