Woods Road is a significant thoroughfare in the suburb of Truganina, found within the postcode 3029 in Victoria, Australia. Serving as a critical link for both local and through traffic, this road showcases the growth and development in the outer western regions of Melbourne. With residential properties, commercial establishments, and a notable increase in infrastructure development, Woods Road reflects the dynamic nature of Truganina as it evolves into a bustling suburban area. The road is not only a hub for local residents but has also attracted business investment, including the establishment of a data centre, illustrating Truganina’s increasing importance in the tech industry.

The vicinity of Woods Road in Truganina offers various real estate opportunities, from residential homes to commercial spaces for lease, revealing a community that accommodates both living and business needs. Located a significant distance from Melbourne CBD, Truganina, and Woods Road by extension, remains well-connected while benefiting from the quieter, more spacious surroundings one might expect in an area that balances urban amenities with a suburban feel. The area is zoned to cater to a wide range of uses, thus enabling a diverse mix of retail, medical services, and other professional businesses to thrive.

Key Takeaways

  • Woods Road is a central hub in Truganina, VIC 3029, indicative of the suburb’s growth.
  • It offers a blend of residential and commercial developments, reflecting diverse local opportunities.
  • Truganina provides a mix of urban accessibility and suburban space, with Woods Road playing a pivotal role.

Overview of Truganina

Truganina is a rapidly developing suburb located in the western part of Melbourne. It is known for its expanding residential communities and growing infrastructure.

Location and Demographics

Truganina (VIC 3029) is situated approximately 22 kilometres west of the Melbourne CBD, making it a viable option for commuters and families. The demographic profile of Truganina is characterized by a diverse, multicultural community with residential growth attributed to affordable housing and the area’s relative proximity to the city.

Transportation Infrastructure

Truganina’s transportation network is evolving to meet the needs of its residents. Currently, access to the Melbourne CBD is facilitated via the Western Freeway and public bus services. Plans for improved connectivity include a future train station, anticipated to link Truganina to greater Melbourne’s rail network, enhancing the suburb’s accessibility.

Local Amenities and Lifestyle

The suburb of Truganina is designed to support a comfortable and convenient lifestyle with a variety of local amenities. These include several shopping areas, like the proposed town centre and the established Elements Estate shopping district. The local community enjoys parks and recreational facilities conducive to family activities and outdoor pursuits.

Development and Growth

Truganina is experiencing significant development, with new housing estates emerging to meet high demand. Amongst these, Elements Estate is a key residential project, providing a mix of housing options for new residents. Subdivision concepts for locations such as 80 Woods Road reflect ongoing growth, with the suburb’s infrastructure, including the proposed Truganina train station, keeping pace with the rapid expansion.

Woods Road, Truganina

Woods Road in Truganina, Victoria 3029, has garnered significant attention owing to its real estate prospects, strategic development plans, and growing connectivity. Strategically located in Melbourne’s expanding western corridors, it reflects the suburb’s dynamism and potential.

Significance of Woods Road

Woods Road is a pivotal part of Truganina, contributing to its growth and appeal. It runs through a locality characterised by its rapid development and proximity to Melbourne CBD, approximately 21 kilometres away.

Real Estate and Property Insights

190 Woods Road

67 Woods Road

Properties along Woods Road present diverse real estate opportunities, from residential houses to potential development sites. Values are regularly updated, reflecting the area’s steady market.

Future Developments

Approved planning permits for residential developments, such as the proposed 230 lots adjacent to the future Truganina Train Station, indicate a commitment to meet the housing demands accompanying the suburb’s growth. The Elements Estate, situated near Woods Road, is a hallmark of this expansion, enhancing the area’s residential appeal.

Connectivity and Accessibility

Woods Road plays a fundamental role in Truganina’s accessibility, with future infrastructure like the Truganina Train Station poised to further integrate the suburb with greater Melbourne. Current accessible routes facilitate easy travel to various amenities, including schools, shopping centres, and civic services.

With Truganina Central prominently positioned along Woods Road, it is expected that the road’s significance will continue to amplify as the region flourishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers common inquiries related to developments and community aspects surrounding Woods Road in Truganina, offering insights into housing, amenities, and future plans for the area.

What are the development plans for the upcoming Westfield shopping centre in Truganina?

The Westfield shopping centre in Truganina is a planned commercial development designed to provide extensive retail options to the local community. Details of the project’s stages, specific retail offerings, and completion timeline are frequently updated by the developers.

How does the Truganina Master Plan impact local housing and community facilities?

The Truganina Master Plan aims to guide residential growth while enhancing local community facilities. It outlines the development of new housing options, ensuring they integrate with existing infrastructure and preserve the community’s overall well-being.

What amenities are available in the Allura Village estate in Truganina?

Allura Village estate boasts a variety of amenities, including parks, playgrounds, and walking trails. The estate is designed to offer residents a comfortable and convenient lifestyle with access to essential services and facilities.

What types of properties are available in Truganina estates?

Truganina estates feature a diverse range of properties, including single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments. These properties cater to different needs and preferences, from affordable housing to more upscale residences.

What community services are provided by the Truganina Community Centre?

The Truganina Community Centre serves as a hub for local services and activities. It provides educational programs, social events, and spaces for community group meetings, supporting the social fabric of the area.

Are there any future infrastructure projects planned for the area surrounding Woods Road in Truganina?

Future infrastructure projects around Woods Road in Truganina include road improvements, public transportation expansions, and the enhancement of green spaces. These initiatives are intended to support the growing needs of the community and improve overall connectivity.