Situated in the burgeoning suburb of Truganina, Victoria, the property at 24 Rymill Way represents a contemporary living space within a dynamic and growing community. This residence boasts a design conducive to modern lifestyles, featuring multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, which caters to families and professionals alike. The property’s location places it in a convenient spot close to local amenities and transport links, positioning it as a potential investment or a desirable home for prospective buyers.

The Truganina property market continues to attract attention for its potential within the Melbourne metropolitan area. The suburb’s growth is leveraged by its proximity to the city, coupled with a more tranquil suburban feel. 24 Rymill Way, as part of this market, not only highlights the demand for residential properties in the area but also underscores the suburb’s relevance in the context of property value appreciation and rental market strength.

Key Takeaways

  • The property at 24 Rymill Way is a modern residence in a growing suburb.
  • Truganina’s proximity to Melbourne contributes to its strong property market.
  • The demand and value appreciation in Truganina are reflected in the interest at 24 Rymill Way.

Property Overview

This section provides a factual snapshot of 24 Rymill Way, highlighting its location within the thriving suburb of Truganina, as well as detailing the home’s specific features that cater to comfortable living.

Location and Suburb Profile

Situated in Truganina, Victoria, 24 Rymill Way is nestled in a suburb known for its emerging community and residential growth. Truganina has become increasingly popular among families for its proximity to Melbourne’s CBD, accessible via the Princes Freeway, coupled with a semi-rural charm that provides a quiet and friendly environment.

Suburb Features:

  • Connectivity: Direct access to Melbourne CBD via the Princes Freeway
  • Family-Friendly: Numerous parks, schools and recreational areas
  • Growth: Rapidly expanding residential developments and community facilities

House Features

24 Rymill Way embodies a modern living space with several key features that are sure to appeal to potential homeowners or investors:

  • Bedrooms: 3, comfortable in size and designed to accommodate family living
  • Bathrooms: 2, featuring contemporary fittings
  • No Car Spaces: however, the area offers ample street parking

The house is thoughtfully designed to meld functionality with style, creating a living environment that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Bedrooms3 spacious bedrooms
Bathrooms2 well-appointed bathrooms
ParkingOn-street parking available
Property SizeGenerous proportions with modern design

This residence is a valuable find in the Truganina property market, representing both a homely retreat and a sound investment opportunity.

Rental Market Insights

The rental market for properties like 24 Rymill Way, Truganina, VIC 3029 indicates a dynamic landscape with fluctuating valuations and rental incomes. Analysis of recent data suggests that property values in this region have seen updates as of 27 November 2023, with estimates reflecting the current market conditions.

Property rental history provides insight into the market trends where 24 Rymill Way is situated. In April 2022, this property was rented for $350 per week, which was an offering managed by La Galerie – Hawthorn. The figure underpins the rental market’s status at that time and provides a benchmark for subsequent valuations.

As of the last update on 18 December 2023, the weekly rental income for this property ranged from $450 to $525. These figures indicate an upward trend in rental income over time. The potential rental income as assessed expressed a high confidence level on 6 November 2023, placing it at $495, with variations spanning from $435 to $550 per week.

Investors and renters interested in Truganina can encounter a diversified rental market, as the broader area offers homes from $480 for 4-bedroom properties to $600 for 5-bedroom properties, solidifying this locality’s appeal.

The rental market often reflects the economic health of an area, and Truganina showcases a robust property sector, exemplified by the growth in rental income from 24 Rymill Way. The property continues to be alluring for tenants and property investors, with its value and rental income escalating over time.

Table: Estimated Rental Range for 24 Rymill Way, Truganina, VIC 3029

Date UpdatedLow Range (per week)High Range (per week)
18 Dec 2023$450$525
6 Nov 2023$435$550
Apr 2022$350 (actual rent)

This table exemplifies the growth in rental value, marking a significant increase from April 2022 to the end of 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses common inquiries regarding the property market in Truganina, with a focus on historical data, ownership, listings, and local amenities.

Who is the current owner of properties in Truganina?

The current ownership of properties in Truganina, particularly for 24 Rymill Way, would typically be registered with the Victorian Land Titles Office. Details regarding specific owners are often accessible via property reports or real estate platforms, with some requiring user registration for access to sensitive data.

What is the historical background of houses in Truganina’s residential areas?

Truganina has a developing residential history that reflects its growth from a primarily rural area to a sought-after suburban locale. Houses here often showcase modern designs, punctuated with pockets of established homes that trace the suburb’s transformation over the years.

Are there any listings for houses currently for sale in Truganina?

Prospective buyers can find listings for houses currently for sale in Truganina through real estate websites and local agents’ listings. The availability of properties for sale, including details like price ranges and property features, is subject to change and can be verified through property search portals.

What types of rental properties are commonly available in Truganina?

Rental properties in Truganina range from standalone houses to townhouses and units. The offerings cater to diverse needs, from families looking for spacious homes to individuals or couples seeking smaller, low-maintenance living spaces.

How does the property value in Truganina compare to neighbouring suburbs?

Truganina’s property values generally align with the Western Melbourne growth corridor, offering competitive pricing relative to more established neighbouring suburbs. Property values reflect the suburb’s increasing demand due to its housing quality, new developments, and accessibility.

What amenities are available near residential areas in Truganina?

Residents in Truganina enjoy access to numerous amenities, including shopping centres, schools, parks, and public transport options. These amenities contribute to the suburb’s livability and are an integral part of the community infrastructure supporting its residential areas.