Truganina Central is set to become a new retail centre and community hub situated in the rapidly developing suburb of Truganina, just 21 kilometres west of Melbourne’s CBD. Poised to meet the growing demands of its community, this development is a sign of the ongoing expansion in Melbourne’s western corridors. Managed by Empire Properties and Neim, the centre is anticipated to bolster the suburb’s economy and provide a bustling marketplace for both residents and visitors.

Upon its expected completion in February 2024, the centre is tipped to offer a variety of amenities, aiming to serve as a vibrant urban village. The inclusion of retailers, eateries, and potentially medical and health services suggests that Truganina Central will be more than just a shopping destination; it’s designed to be a versatile space that caters to the daily needs and lifestyle enhancements of its patrons. Focus is placed on creating a dynamic environment that integrates shopping with community interaction, setting the stage for Truganina to become a more connected and lively area.

Key Takeaways

  • Truganina Central will provide a new retail and community experience near Melbourne.
  • The centre is under development with a target completion date in early 2024.
  • A blend of shopping, dining, and services aims to foster community engagement.

Development and Construction

Truganina Central represents a significant addition to the suburb’s retail landscape, with substantial investment aimed at catering to the community’s growing needs. The construction of this neighbourhood shopping centre is a response to the suburb’s population growth and strategic location just 21 kilometres from the Melbourne CBD.

Infrastructure and Design

The design of Truganina Central integrates a mix of retail, commercial, and community spaces. Architects ClarkeHopkinsClarke have been tasked with creating a centre that provides both functionality and aesthetic appeal. To address local demand, the development will feature a diverse range of outlets, including anchor tenant Coles Supermarket and other key services such as Chemist Warehouse and Saltwater Swim School. The planned lettable area covers 7,390 square metres, set to accommodate a variety of retailers and service providers.

  • Area: 7,390 square metres lettable space
  • Key Facilities:
    • Retail Centre
    • Coles Supermarket
    • Chemist Warehouse
    • Saltwater Swim School

Key Players and Partnerships

Empire Properties is the primary developer of Truganina Central, with leasing managed by Neim Group. Alongside these entities, a range of investors and developers, such as Stockland and Villawood, are playing crucial roles in the surrounding residential developments, which supplement the retail centre’s customer base. Expert consultancy Macroplan Dimasi is involved in analysing market conditions and potential end value, ensuring that the centre will serve the suburb’s needs effectively. The construction is set to boost local employment, underpin retail growth, and provide an optimal environment for businesses to lease space.

  • Developers: Empire Properties
  • Leasing Manager: Neim Group
  • Consultancy: Macroplan Dimasi
  • Residential Development Partners: Stockland, Villawood

Truganina Central’s strategic position on 187 Woods Road, near Dohertys Road, highlights the centre’s accessibility to both local residents and visitors. With completion expected in the fourth quarter of 2023, the development is on track to open its doors soon, providing an essential service hub to one of Melbourne’s rapidly developing suburbs.

Amenities and Lifestyle

Truganina Central Shopping Centre is set to enhance the everyday living for residents by providing a wealth of amenities and facilitating a community-oriented lifestyle. It will serve as a pivotal destination for shopping, leisure, and community engagement.

Shopping and Retail Experience

Truganina Central will feature a diverse array of retail outlets, including major supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths, as well as specialty stores like Chemist Warehouse. Patrons can also anticipate a convenient shopping experience at Liquorland for their beverage needs.

  • Supermarkets: Coles and Woolworths
  • Specialty Stores: Chemist Warehouse, various boutique shops
  • Convenience: Easy access to daily essentials
  • Dining: A selection of restaurants for diverse culinary experiences

Community and Recreation

Beyond shopping, Truganina Central Shopping Centre is designed to foster a vibrant community space. With plans for a gym operated by Anytime Fitness and a Swim School, it ensures there are substantial recreational activities. Elements Estate contributes elegantly to this vision by integrating open spaces and schools to support the growing population, thereby promoting a balanced lifestyle.

  • Fitness: Anytime Fitness for health enthusiasts
  • Swimming: Saltwater Swim School for families and individuals
  • Community: Event spaces for local gatherings and celebrations
  • Education: Proximity to schools catering to the educational needs of the community

Frequently Asked Questions

Truganina Central Shopping Centre is a key retail and community hub anticipated to open to the public in late 2023. This section addresses common queries about the centre.

What are the opening hours for Truganina Central Shopping Centre?

The specific opening hours for Truganina Central Shopping Centre have not been officially announced yet. Once opened, visitors can expect standard retail operating hours, which typically include extended trading on certain days of the week.

Which retailers can be found at Truganina Central Shopping Centre?

Truganina Central Shopping Centre will feature a variety of retailers, including a Coles supermarket as the anchor tenant. A mix of specialty shops will also be available, providing a diverse shopping experience.

Are there any upcoming events scheduled at Truganina Central Shopping Centre?

Details on upcoming events at Truganina Central Shopping Centre will be available closer to the completion date. The shopping centre plans to host community events and activities in line with local interests and occasions.

What public transport options are available for Truganina Central Shopping Centre?

Information regarding public transport options for Truganina Central Shopping Centre will be clearer as the opening date approaches. It is expected to be well-served by local bus networks, facilitating easy access for visitors.

Does Truganina Central Shopping Centre have facilities for families with young children?

Truganina Central Shopping Centre is designed with families in mind, including facilities for those with young children. Expect amenities such as parent rooms and safe, child-friendly areas within the complex.

How can I find out about leasing opportunities at Truganina Central Shopping Centre?

Interested parties can inquire about leasing opportunities by contacting the leasing managers. Updated contact information and details will be provided by the shopping centre’s management close to the launch date.